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School-based Support Services



Introduction to School-based Support Services

The core of the education reform is to develop competence in learning to learn and an open-minded attitude in students. When equipped with these attributes, students will be more able to face the challenges of an ever-changing society and build a bright future. Schools should be places where teachers and students are eager to construct knowledge. To achieve this aim, it is essential that principals and teachers act as role models for students. In order to motivate students to pursue knowledge and strive for excellence, teachers should have an open-minded attitude in exploring knowledge; focusing on the curriculum goals with reference to content, pedagogy and assessment; reflecting on and improving their own practices both inside and outside the classroom; and catering for the diverse needs of students.


The prime aim of school-based support services is to enhance student learning by interweaving continuous teacher professional development, school-based curriculum development and school development. Providers of support services include various support sections in the Education Bureau (EDB) and institutions subsidized by the Education Development Fund. Schools can apply for individual support services according to their developmental needs. With reference to educational trends and school context, school support agents collaborate closely with teachers and principals to develop school-based curricula with a view to catering for student learning needs and enhancing the professional knowledge and capabilities of participating teachers and principals.  



For detailed information on support services, please visit the web pages of respective sections:





 EDB circulars related to support services



School-based Support Services



22 Mar 2016


Briefing Session on School-based Support Services(2016/17) for Primary,Secondary and Special Schools 

Course ID : QA0020160050

Briefing Session on School-based Support Services(2016/17) for Kindergartens

Course ID :  QA0020160056


6 April 2016 


EDBCM 43/2016 EDBCM 43/2016:

School-based Support Services (2016/17) -Primary, Secondary and Special Education (project details)



Deadline for on-line application: 23:59 of 12 May 2016

6 April 2016


EDBCM 44/2016 EDBCM 44/2016:

School-based Support Services (2016/17) -Kindergarten




Support Services



Contact Person(s) and telephone number 

General Enquiries








School-based Professional Support Section


Mr Ka ming DAI

2152 3220

Mr Victor CHAN

2152 3219

On-line Application system for School-Based Support Services(Technical Support) School-based Professional Support Section


Mr Ho fai LAI

2152 3604

On-site Professional Support Services(Annex A)

School-based Curriculum Development (Primary) Section


School-based Curriculum Development (Secondary) Section





Language Learning Support Section

Mr Davis NG

2158 4909



Ms HUNG Lai-ting, Venus

2639 4745

& Ms MA Suet-yee, Lopaka

2639 4704

Mr LAI Yiu-ting

3698 3994

Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange and Collaboration Programme

(Annex B)

School-based Professional Support Section 



Language Learning Support Section


2152 3227

Mr LAI Yiu-ting


University-School Support Programmes (Annex C)

School-based Professional Support Section

Mr Albert LIU

2152 3212

Professional Development Schools (PDS) Scheme

(Annex D)

School-based Professional Support Section

Mr Victor CHAN

2152 3219

IT in Education Centre of Excellence (CoE) Scheme (Annex E)

ITE Section



3698 3596

Quality Education Fund Thematic Networks (QTNs) (Annex F)

QEF Secretariat


Ms Yuffie LEUNG

2123 6039











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