Project on Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools



The Education Bureau (EDB) set up the Ad Hoc Committee on Complaints Handling in Schools (the Committee) in September 2011 [renamed as Committee on Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools in September 2013] to make recommendations on how to enhance the school complaint handling procedures.  Based on the recommendation of the Committee, EDB had launched three phases of pilot project from the 2012/13 to the 2014/15 school year to help schools establish a fair, just and open system for managing complaints as well as to try out the “Enhanced School Complaint Management Arrangements” (Enhanced Arrangements).


In view of the positive evaluation results of the pilot project, EDB accepted the recommendation of the Committee to take the Enhanced Arrangements forward for full implementation in all public sector and DSS schools by 1 September 2017 and launched the “Project on Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools” (Enhancement Project) in September 2015 to help the non-pilot schools to establish/enhance their school-based complaint handling mechanism to effectively handle complaints related to their daily operation and internal affairs.  Schools which have not yet joined the pilot project may base on their own situation opt to implement the Enhanced Arrangements on 1 September 2016, 1 January 2017 or 1 September 2017.  


List of schools which have implemented the Enhanced Arrangements will be uploaded to EDB website by stages for public information.


For details of the Enhancement Project and the Enhanced Arrangements, please refer to the following:




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