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Application to EDB Supplier Lists


The Education Bureau (EDB) maintains lists of suppliers of goods and related services for quotation invitation.

Application for inclusion in the EDB Supplier Lists is free of charge. Any firm not currently included but wishing to be considered for inclusion in these lists may apply by completing an application form and return it to the Permanent Secretary for Education for processing.

Application form for inclusion in the EDB Supplier Lists and related documents are available for download :


  • Application Form for Inclusion in the EDB Supplier Lists (EDB 44)
  • Notes for Suppliers in the EDB Supplier Lists
  • The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – Prevention of Bribery Ordinance – Chapter 201


    You may obtain Adobe Reader Get Adobe Reader by clicking  to view PDF  documents.

    Applications received will be processed by EDB. Subject to confirmation of their credentials, those firms that are found acceptable will be included in the EDB Supplier Lists. Their continued inclusions in these lists will depend on their demonstrated ability to offer competitive quotations and on their performance in connection with any order(s) or contract(s) which they have been awarded. EDB reserves the right to review the status of a firm as an EDB Supplier in the light of any new information that may affect such status.


    Firms in the EDB Supplier Lists will be invited to quote for the supply of category(ies) of goods or related services, for which they have been included as suppliers, as and when opportunities arise.


    Interested parties can contact the following officer for enquiries relating to application for inclusion in EDB Supplier Lists and general quotation matters:-


    (enquiries relating to general quotation matters) 

    Supplies Officer (Procurement)
    Education Bureau
    Room 1510, 15/F, Wu Chung House,
    213 Queen’s Road East,
    Hong Kong.
    Tel. No.: (852)2892 6215
    Fax No.: (852)2891 0652
    E-mail :




    (enquiries relating to application for inclusion in EDB Supplier Lists) 

    Assistant Supplies Officer

    Education Bureau
    Room 1510, 15/F, Wu Chung House,
    213 Queen’s Road East,
    Hong Kong.
    Tel. No.: (852)2892 6213
    Fax No.: (852)2891 0652
    E-mail :



    Commodity Groups that firms may apply

    • Art and Design Equipment
    • Audio Visual Equipment
    • Books, Publications, VCDs, CDs and Tapes
    • Chemicals
    • Cleaning Services
    • Computer Communications Equipment and Network / Cabling Services
    • Computer Systems
    • Curtains and Draperies
    • Design and Film / Video Production Services
    • Disposal Face Masks
    • Electrical Appliances (Domestic and Office)
    • Filing Services and Production of Publications and Materials
    • Fire Fighting Equipment
    • First Aid Equipment and Consumables
    • Furniture / Equipment for Special Education
    • General Furniture (including made-to-order)
    • Home Economics Equipment
    • Homepage / Internet and Related Services
    • Human Resources Management 
    • Musical Instruments
    • Office Stationery / Equipment
    • Physical Education Equipment
    • Printer Consumables
    • Printing Services
    • Property Management Services
    • Protective Clothing
    • Science Equipment
    • Security Guard Services
    • Technical Equipment for Design & Technology Subjects (Machines)
    • Thermometers
    • Training Services 
    • Transportation Services
    • Vitamins
    Last revision date: 16 February 2016
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